In the morning of 24 March, 2015, the Asia Institute of Sciences cooperated with the National Blood Center to donate blood voluntarily at the Asia Institute of Sciences with the participation of leaders, lecturers, staff and students.

Dr. Keo Yammony, director of the Asia Institute of Sciences has said that he was very excited that all the students of Nursing, Midwifery and lab technicians took part in blood donation. The Blood donation is the contribution to saving human lives and providing our profound love, seeing that currently, hospitals across the country are having growing shortage of blood donation to save patients and the injured, especially those who have traffic accidents.

The Chairman of the National Blood Transfusion Center Dr. Hok Kim Cheng said that the center has a real target in the collection, examination and distribution by keeping gained blood products in a good condition as well as having good relations with hospitals in country. Dr. would also like to thank the institute, which collaborated to donate blood voluntarily and to wish the institute leading to training students to become a nurse, midwife or lab technician with formal qualification, good skill and professional ethics in order to work successfully in Cambodia and abroad.

Yich Phirun, representing the staff and 33 students who donate blood, says that the blood donation is a good charity performance everyone should contribute. In addition, blood donation does not affect health, and he also encourages all youths to participate and to continue to provide additional blood voluntarily.