With accreditation from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, our Institute has started 3 training programs on midwifery, nursing and medical laboratory. Our clear and simple goal is to train our students to become  qualified, competent, passionate and ethical nurse, midwife or medical laboratory technician and to perform their work successfully with care, respect and love for all in Cambodia and overseas. We also aim to participate in health care development and in the implementation of the Third Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The growth of technology and other sectors in the world and in Cambodia makes your medical studies now much easier than my time, nearly three decades ago. I still remember that I had to record all the lessons in hand writing; there was no photocopy machine. In clinical practices such as administering injections, we had to start by injecting a pillow, assuming it was a patient. Now you can use computers and the internet for research, photocopy machines to copy your handouts, models or mannequins for your clinical simulations in the Institute, prior to clinical placement at hospitals and health facilities. In addition, the Institute closely connects your studies to current technology in education, such as using computer systems for your examinations, bridging your theoretical studies to practical situations, clinical placement and community-based outreach programs. We constantly adapt and revise our evolving teaching materials and methodologies to keep up to date with current job and market needs. We are now working in excellent collaboration with 20 hospitals and health facilities in Cambodia for students to complete their clinical placement and internships.

You are all founding members of the First Class. You will spend three fantastic years with your instructors, lecturers and your peers, during which time you will absorb knowledge and share professional, social and personal experiences. You will not only learn technical knowledge and skills, but how to work together with other disciplines, how to communicate and how to make yourself ready for a long and successful career.

A famous 19th-century French scientist, Luis Pasteur said “Chance tends to people who are prepared.” People who are prepared are committed to learning new things which are not stipulated in an ordinary curriculum. People who are prepared participate in academic and social activities to gain self-confidence, self-sufficiency, personal and professional growth. People who are prepared place a higher value on efforts and career than entertainment. People say if you want to have fun for an hour- watch television, if you want to enjoy a day, go to the country side, if you want a happy life you should be prepared. This is your chance at the Asia Institute of Sciences. How well are you prepared?


Dr. Keo Yemmony
Technical board