“I wish to thank all those lecturers, colleagues, and students who have contributed to the Institute’s recent success. I also want to encourage the students of 2014 to dedicate themselves to becoming the best nurses, midwives, and lab technicians in Cambodia.

In 2013 we expanded our facilities to accommodate the growing number of students, many of whom completed their medical placements under the guidance of senior staff at some of the best provincial and national hospitals, allowing them to apply classroom theory to real life medical practice.

Our highly motivated lecturers are specialists in their fields, from nurses and midwives to pharmacists, dentists, and senior lab technicians, averaging ten years experience of medical training and clinical management. The courses they teach are peer reviewed regularly to ensure the most up to date practice. The goal of the Institute is to become the excellent medical training centre, which is why we listen and respond to staff and students feedback.

We are the first training institute in the country to introduce the computer-based multiple choice examination, which has been well received by students with over 90% of students stating they are ”highly satisfied” with the quality of the lecturers.  We train students for the real world. Helping them obtain employment post study is one of our highest priorities, which is why we encourage them to learn English, become IT proficient, and work on outreach projects assisting the community, all of which will increase their job prospects.

Our nursing and midwifery programs benefit from our associations with institutions of higher learning from abroad, especially Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and the Auckland Hospital in New Zealand. Not to forget the welcome donations of textbooks from the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.

A word to staff. Dynamic teams do not happen by accident; they are fostered by dedicated people. The challenge for individual staff members is to make the team better.

A word to students. Good nurses, goof midwives, and good lab assistants do not happen by accident. They’re the result of hard work and dedication. The challenge for each of our students is to do everything possible to become a credit to the Institute and to your family, your country, and yourself.

I wish you the very best wishes with your studies and career.

Dr. Keo Yemmony
Technical board