Welcome students and staff to a new academic year 2015, a special year for the Institute because our first batch of students will graduate and begin to serve the community.

Our immediate goal is to raise the bar of professional training to ensure our graduate nurses, midwives, and laboratory technicians find jobs – and work successfully – in Cambodia and overseas. To achieve this, our focus is on quality teaching, appropriate clinical simulation, and the real world experience gained by our students working in hospitals as part of their training.

We are proud of our record as the only training institution in the country to use computer administered exams and online marking, ensuring professionalism and transparency. At the same time we continue to update materials in our library used by lecturers and students for research and study.

Because the ethos of the Institute is hard work, ethical professionalism, and team spirit, we are happy to announce we are launching a scholarship programme – the Him Khun and Keo Pola Nekry Scholarship – to reward outstanding students.

We value our national and international collaborations, including our continuing association with Belmont University in the USA and Auckland Hospital in New Zealand. Recently we participated in a project with Deakin University in Australia researching the health and well-being of garment workers in Cambodia. And we wish to thank Mater Hospital in Brisbane for donating 350 medical textbooks.

To our graduates. The staff wish you well as you enter the workplace and are given the chance to use some of the knowledge and experience you acquired during your brief time with us. We would remind you that a successful career is based on lifelong learning and dedication to patients.

We estimate that a nurse working 40 years will care for well over 100,000 patients. So, yes, good nurses, good midwives, and good laboratory technicians can make a difference. YOU can make a difference.

Finally, we wish everyone a wonderful year filled with happiness, success, love, and care.


Dr. Keo Yemmony

Technical board