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Our clear and simple goal is train our students to become qualified, competent, passionate and ethical nurses, midwives or medical laboratory technicians to perform their work successfully with care, respect and love for all in Cambodia and internationally. We also aim to participate in health care development and in the implementation of the Third Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia.
The training programs and courses follow the approved national curriculum on nursing, midwifery, and medical laboratory of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. They are credit-based and divided into 6 semesters of three years with a total of 135 credits (excluded 33 credits for basic computer and English proficiency subjects). They contain theoretical studies, practical work in the Institute, community-based outreach, clinical placements and clinical internships in health facilities. In addition, the Institute provides English for Medicine and a basic computer course as elective subjects.

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